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"يا الله، اكو مموهون كڤد-مو اونتوق منچينتاي-مو، منچينتاي سياڤا سهاج يڠ منچينتاي-مو، سرتا منچينتاي ڤربواتن يڠ مڠهانتركن داكو اونتوق منچينتاي-مو."- نبي داود اس

Oh Allah!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Oh Allah! The maker of heaven and Earth
I ask for your mercy in this life
I ask for your compassion and for your love
I ask for your blessings showered from above

I ask for your protection from the cursed ones
I consider the true love you sent is not for fun
I will treat your creation with full of kindness
I promise to uphold all your commandments

I plead you to keep my intentions pure
And don't let any evil approach and harm me
In your Holy names I pray all day
The Almighty of everything that is, was, & ever will be

Never will my deeds are to harm others
When I recite the chapters of your surahs
Then why is the love you give din't keep me in peace?
To treasure my ideal love I still survive this fa


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